Taste, Look, Listen:

a journey to excellence



After a traumatic event at the age of 7, Trisha Bell found an outlet for her passions in the arts. Beginning as a dancer, choreographer, and actress, Bell expanded her talents as an artist manager, makeup artist, and event producer. She has worked with many artists, while also organizing concerts, including the widely successful Beast Mode Tour (featuring artists from Lamp Mode and Humble Beast Records). In addition, her talent afforded her the opportunity to display her make-up artistry on 106th and Park and the BET Honors Awards.  She also had the opportunity to moderate a panel at SXSW in 2016.  Adding designer, and YouTuber to her list of talents, she continues to grow in her expression of art, business knowledge, and desire to coach creatives.  She is determined to see her vision of positively impacting the music industry and creative community become reality and is in fact well on her way.


Trisha has experienced many highs and lows, but those experiences have only made her grow and forced her to make better decisions.  One major decision she made was to begin managing her life in a more excellent way.  Being a wife and mother is something Bell cherishes more than anything else but found her history of not being disciplined, focused, or consistent was affecting her life in many ways.  Her convictions for being organized in area of her life became stronger and forced her to take action. She quickly realized, things had to change.  While developing relationships with other creative entrepreneurs, she noticed that many struggled with the same issues and didn't have a balanced sense of wellness in business and life.  Most weren't practicing self-care nor were they handling their business well. She began to develop her own life motto, Be Excellent in the Way You Think and Live. Her passion for helping others in this area, while simultaneously learning and growing herself, pushed her to create digital content that would inspire others like her and led her to launch Taste Look Listen.