7 Mistakes That Keep You From Excellence

Fight for excellence, not perfection.  This is my new standard of living.  Funny, because I thought I had already been doing this, but recently realized I wanted to be excellent in all I did without putting in the work.  My focus had been on perfectionism and not excellence.  The harm in this mindset is that you will always fail.  No one is perfect, except Jesus of course.  In my mind, I would set these lofty goals and high expectations for myself without a practical plan to flesh it out.  Day after day after day, I would constantly not meet those expectations and then feel completely defeated.  This is still something I’m trying to get a handle on, but have now recognized my issue and have taken proper measures to combat this issue.  

A few things I’ve started to move away from:

  1. Setting unrealistic goals for myself– It’s great to set lofty goals, but be sure to plan out how you intend to reach that goal. Once you have researched how, and it’s realistic for you, proceed. If you need more time, patiently wait!

  2. Over committing: Naturally I’m a servant and go out of my way to help others, but a lot of time to my own detriment.

  3. Not planning my week and day at the top of each week: This is what messes me up each and every time. In order to be effective and efficient, you must plan! Plan every minute of your day and stick to it! Which brings me to my next point

  4. Not treating my schedule like an appointment: If you scheduled it, it must be important. If it’s important you must stick to the schedule! Treat it like your life depends on it.

  5. Not Checking my calendar and schedule before saying yes to something: I am very much a go with the flow type of person most days. However, that doesn’t work when you have a good amount on your plate, with a family, a business, and clients. You must be diligent in checking your schedule and not cancelling an appointment because you carelessly overbooked yourself. I definitely still need help in this area!

  6. Not making my family my first priority: No matter what is happening, I don’t even care if you are the only one working and if you take the next client/job, you will make a lot of money. If it conflicts with a scheduled family date/trip/outing, whatever, you better turn it down. If you don’t it shows what means more to you.

  7. Not waking up early to have a more productive day: The early bird catches the worm, then eats it and has more time to do other things. Waking up early is absolutely not my favorite thing to do AT ALL. I must admit, waking up early allows time for me to get so much more than I could imagine completed in one day! It really is a beautiful thing. Because I’m a night owl, this is really difficult for me, however, I have been making myself get up early to detox, work out, and start my day with much productivity.

I only named 7 mistakes that keep me from excellence, but I’m sure you have some yourself.  Is there anything that keeps you from excellence that is not on this list?  Please share in the comments below!