Know Your Worth

WE all have those moments when we feel inadequate, unqualified, and unworthy of a position or opportunity.  And many times we aren’t FULLY qualified for the position, if you think in terms of years of experience, degrees, etc.  However, if you were chosen for that opportunity or position, then you are indeed adequate, qualified and worthy of said position!  Or they wouldn’t have hired you.  Now it’s easy to say this when you have actually been chosen.  How do you feel when you see an opportunity that you really want to go for, but then you start reading the job description and you say, I can do that,  I think I’m qualified.  Then at the very end it says, requirements or skills.  Then your confidence level begins to sink.  ‘Hmmm, I don’t think I meet ALL those requirements, do I?  ‘I shouldn’t even apply.’  ‘I don’t even want to get my hopes up.’  We all do this!!!  That is a normal feeling, however, don’t get caught up in that.  KNOW YOUR WORTH.  If you have 1 to 2 years of experience in something, you have experience!!  Even if it’s 6 months!   You have no idea what the answer may be.  At least apply and see what happens.  The worst they can say is no.  They won’t tell you that you are worthless, stupid, or any of those things!!!  What are you afraid of?  Rejection?


What about you entrepreneurs out there who don’t charge or charge only pennies for your work?  Are you afraid to bring your fee up?  Do you feel like because you have only been doing _________ for 2 years that you can’t charge what you’re worth?? Change your thinking today because that mindset will get you nowhere, FAST!  Find a way to push past negative thinking and overcome your fears by doing things that may be scary or uncomfortable at first.  Have you ever heard of that expression, the very thing you are afraid of is probably the thing you need to do?  We approve that statement and challenge you to do exactly what you are afraid of doing.  Understand who you are and what your worth.  If you don’t value yourself or what you do, then you will struggle with really knowing your worth.  The next time you have a possible opportunity come up and you are feeling inadequate and unworthy, take some time to write down ALL of your accomplishments.  Look at it.  Relish in those things and be proud of your work.  Then apply, pitch, or whatever you need to do to get that opportunity.  Let me know if you ever have these struggles and/or if you have overcome them, let me know how!  Thanks for reading.