7 Tips for the Creative Entrepreneur

I recently wrote a blog on ARTSO's website where I gave 7 things Creative Entrepreneurs must do when wanting to start a business.  Creatives struggle with managing their business affairs.  They are often forced to hire a manager or an assistant to help in this area.  However, it’s important for creatives to be able to at least handle these 7 basic business practices.

7 Tips

  1. Hire a tax preparer: You won’t regret it. Don’t hire one, and you will!

  2. Obtain a lawyer for legal advice: This will absolutely be helpful for all your legal matters when dealing with clients and contracts. You don’t want to be sued over something that you could have easily handled, had you known the proper measures to take.

  3. Draw a Contract for EVERY business transaction: Even if it’s with a friend: This may be awkward, but you will be covered JUST in case something crazy happens.

  4. Build relatonships with the people you want to do business with: Try not to approach a business or boss that you admire begging to collaborate if they have no idea who you are or what you do. Not a good look.

  5. Find practical ways to be Profitable (Multiple Streams of Income): Don’t overthink this. I did, for way too long. I’m such a visionary I get stuck in the big dreams and it’s extremely hard to scale down. Ask some other successful entrepreneurs or a mentor/coach to help you get clarity on how to practically do this.

  6. Do research to perfect your craft or business: Self explanatory.

  7. Have at least 2 committed people to join your team: It’s great to have a person on your team who is a strategizer and researches facts and statistics. The other person you need, is someone who can help push your vision. They will point things out that need tweaking but also encourage you to keep going. I would also advise obtaining an admin assistant. Who doesn’t need one of those? They will help you achieve in getting tasks done!

You may have some other items to add to this list, feel free to mention them in the comments.  And if you don’t have any of these things in place, start today!!