One of The Most Important Aspects of Life

Community.  I am all about meeting new people and building relationships. On a personal and business level.  Naturally, I am a very outgoing, social butterfly.  So it's always been easy for me to meet people.  For some of you it's a bit harder.  If that's you, I want to encourage you to go outside of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to the people you have been wanting to build with.  For entrepreneurs, hit up the person you met at a networking event who has similar ideas as you and see how you can collaborate.  For artists, email or introduce yourself to other artists who have a bit more exposure and experience and see how you can learn from them.

For my fellow Christians who are a part of a local church, put yourself out there and start building relationships with other members of your church.  You may not think this is true, but we need people!!  They help sharpen us, grow us, and correct us.  When we are left in isolation, we are liable to do anything foolish and don’t nobody got time for that!!!  Don’t get me wrong, people can lead you to foolishness too, but it’s all about what type of people you choose to surround yourself with.  If building true and real relationships is hard for you, take it slow, but don’t shy away from it.  There are a few things that come to mind, that make having real community in your life valuable.

 If you’re single and you’re sick, wouldn’t it be nice to have one of your good friends come over to help you out!!  Make you soup and give you laughter in the midst of sickness!!  Come on now, I know we all want that.  

It’s so nice to go to the movies and out to eat with a group of friends.  I have personally had some of my most favorite moments with my community of friends doing these things specifically.  This is how you get to know people.  You may end up finding your spouse!  Happened to me!  Again more laughter and joy is present during these types of activities.  Go get you some friends!  

What about when you’re broke or struggling in life and feel lonely, wouldn’t it be nice to have a family that you’re close to, who you can hang out with, learn, and grow from?  If you’re single you can absolutely learn from them.  If you’re married, you can absolutely learn from them!  Lol.  It applies to anyone. 

Bisous, Ciao. Macarons in Manhattan

If you have children and you have to go on a business trip, but you and your spouse don’t have healthy community and all of your relatives are far away, what do you do?  It’s so important to build with people who love children, so when you have to go away for business, you can leave your kids with some really trustworthy people.  This is MAJOR KEY!  And you don’t have to build with people who love children just so they can watch your kids, many times in my life, the Lord has just linked me with people who love my children and He just works it right on out!!! 

Now that you see just a few benefits for having authentic relationships in your life, how will you move forward?  Let me know in the comments below or email me!