What It Takes To Be Results Driven

For many years, I have gotten by doing the bare minimum.  In school I would make the Honor Roll each and every time, but I never had to study, nor did I feel like I had to put a lot of effort toward attaining good grades.  It was pretty natural to say the least.  However, college hit and I didn’t know what to do.  I could hear people, specifically my father, telling me I would need to study in college.  I would actually have to put in work.  To me, that just meant be more intentional about the work that you do.  No one ever showed me HOW to study.  I was really great at memorizing information, but I rarely spent time reading textbooks to learn or ingest what I was reading.  I didn’t really know how to do that.  My first year of college was a major fail!

 15 years later, I realized I didn’t know how to create a process for the work that I was doing.  I knew how to create outlines and lists and execute somewhat of a plan, but when it came to actually having a specific process, that never existed in my world.  I guess you can say I had a process, but it was messy.  No formal organization was set in place, therefore, I would either get it done at the last minute, it just wouldn’t get done, or it wouldn’t be executed well.  I would set many goals for myself, like losing weight, saving money, and getting a particular project done for clients or for my business.  These were all very attainable, but trying to get the best results and stay consistent with these goals had been something I just could not do very well.  Finally, I decided to do something about my non existent processes and I started to research.  While researching I came across a woman who would probably be the an important source to help change my life in this specific area.

I have to say, I owe my continual transformation to Mattie James.  I’ve followed many bloggers in my day of exploring the digital world, but I never paid this much attention to anyone online.  She literally broke down what it looked like to have a process not only in blogging, but I could apply this process to ANYTHING!  She broke it all the way down at her in-person workshop on scheduling, batch processing and how to monetize as a blogger.  All super valuable and useful tools and information!  She also really helped me to get my whole life with her free email course, The Consistency Cleanse.  Such nuggets and gems this woman has offered for free and for reasonable prices.  Please follow her!!  Anyway, I have really been putting what I have learned to practice and I’m seeing RESULTS!!!!!  Like real results!!  Of course I haven’t mastered it YET, but I am definitely on my way.  I have been trying to force myself into a habit in order to create a routine that comes without me having to think extra hard about.  Mastering these processes will help me master so much more!  

Let me know if you need help in this area or if you have mastered real consistency that brings results.  I’d like to hear how you have mastered it and what exactly you need help in being consistent with.