What is Meal & A Melody?

I wanted to spend some time explaining to you what Taste Look Listen means.  In many of my Taste threads, you will see a series of blogs called Meal and a Melody.  Below I explain exactly what this thread is about and how it will be useful to you.  

As an entrepreneur, it’s very important for me to be intentional about spending time with my family.  I never want to allow work and opportunities to take me away from them.  While it can be easy to allow that to happen, I have set boundaries in place to hold me accountable to that standard.  With that being said, when it comes to sitting and eating a meal at home, the most important factor is doing it with my husband and children.  

Food and music are the two forms of art that are extremely therapeutic for me. When I’m in the kitchen preparing a meal, I have to make the whole process an experience.  The elements needed to make it an experience is music, seasonings, colors of each dish, flavor, texture, and presentation.  Many times I will choose a dish based on how I know it will look on the plate.

Once the meal is prepared, we sit and eat.  Normally, we don’t watch tv while we eat, but because we are human, sometimes we let the kids watch tv, however, it is not a recommendation.  If you didn’t know, I live in Brooklyn, so while our apartment doesn’t allow for us to all eat at one table, we typically try to make sure that our dinner time is at least in one room.  For many creatives who have businesses or are freelancing, you may often times be on a time crunch and in a rush to eat your meal so you can get to your next gig.  This is a major problem.  This can cause indigestion, heart burn, and many other issues because you aren’t taking the time to chew your food like you should.  A survey taken in 2000, showed that children who eat with their families eat more fruits and veggies and have higher amounts of key nutrients such as calcium, iron, and fiber.  Meal time with family can also cause your children to pick up more on vocabulary and are more likely to have higher grades because of it.  Studies have also determined that you save more money when you make your own meals and eat at home and is known to relieve stress for people who have demanding jobs.

Music can also be a stress reliever along with many other benefits.  It’s know to accelerate healing and impact memorization, performance, perception, and emotion.  Music can also increase a persons IQ.  Studies have proven that combining music with food can encourage eating longer and enjoying a meal more.  

Now that you see all the benefits to doing this, I encourage you to make it your business to sit and eat with your family and/or close friends.  Check out this video that compares Meals in America vs Meals in France.  We should take some cues from them!

I want to express the importance of these moments by showing visuals of my own family and friends along with the meals that I create.  I hope to encourage my readers to incorporate family/friend mealtimes into their weekly routines and to dispel any stereotypes of black families and to promote a picture of what a healthy family can look like.