How to Start Your Day Right

One of my biggest struggles is consistency.  It's been a constant prayer of mine to overcome the issue of consistency and being a good steward over everything that I am responsible for.  While I've been known to be great in these areas at some times in my life, I'm also known to be terrible in these areas.  Managing time wisely, getting up early, being careful with money, and communication are all things that I have constantly been trying to master.  I also have to force myself to put the phone down and get off of social media to focus on each task appropriately!  That is super hard, especially when my business is on social media!  I’m learning to incorporate it in my work routine so I don’t get caught up.  As I'm learning to overcome these struggles, I have created a new routine to my weekly schedule.

Morning Routine

  1. First thing's first, wake up between 4 and 4:30am.  

  2. Read my word and pray.  If I need to get ready and can't get my devotional time in that early, I do it as soon as it's possible.

  3. Drink plenty of water with lemon/lime

  4. Go to the gym

  5. Make a smoothie/breakfast  

  6. Come home and cook breakfast for the family

  7. Check my calendar/add to calendar and to-do list

  8. Work at home office until 5pm.

I am still working to master this routine, but I am definitely making major strides in doing it consistently.  One year ago, I was unable to do this in my personal life.  My husband and I worked as house parents and every aspect of that job was centered and focused on schedules, routines and consistency. We were able to transform the cottage that we worked in(deemed the worst one prior to our arrival) and create a consistent and structured routine for our our productivity and for the children.  Our personal life, however, was a whole other thing.  Little did we know, working as house parents would later show us how weak we were in these areas when it came to our own home and has forced us to grow.  Have you ever prayed for something and then God throws a scenario your way that forces you to be or do the thing you have been praying for?   As I said earlier, my constant prayer has been learning how to be consistent and how to be a good steward over everything my hands touch.  I find myself continuously in situations where I am forced to step up in these areas.  Many times I have to extend grace to myself when I mess up and  fight through giving up and abandoning my goals when this happens.  I know it will not be an easy journey, but I am determined to master the consistency beast!!  I’d love to hear what your morning routine looks like and if any of you are still trying to establish one, let me know that too!