5 ways to grow in confidence

When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I was so fearful of being direct, assertive, and decisive.  I had to overcome my fears by facing them and pushing through them anyway.   I had to learn that when dealing with clients, you have to exude professionalism.  If not you run the risk of losing out on your business.  Yes it's important to build rapport, and establish a healthy relationship with your clients.  However, you have to set up proper boundaries and ensure that you can deliver.  Clients have particular expectations of you and if you are unable to deliver they may be done with you and you lose out on money or more.  You want to not only have your client feel confident about hiring you, but you need to feel confident about doing the work.  It takes great risk, courage, but most of all confidence to be an entrepreneur.  Below I've listed 5 ways to grow in this confidence.

1. Be firm in your stance when speaking with clients.  In my experience, clients don't always read the contract.  When that happens, they begin to do things that your contract stated shouldn't be happening and you sometimes have to direct them back to it.  When I say firm, I don't mean be a jerk.  This is when being assertive applies. 

2. In order to develop in your confidence, don't be afraid to put yourself out there to take on a big project.  Sure, it's intimidating.  Yep, you may mess up.  But I promise you, this big project will ensure growth, humility, and more confidence to keep going and do it again.  Don't let anyone or anything, let alone a big project, keep you from what you know God has for you to do.   My motto is go big or go home! 

3. Take courses in areas that you aren't strong in.  There are so many tools, classes, courses, and more online that you can take to learn things that you may not know about.  The information online is really endless.  There's no excuse for you today.  You don't have to leave your home or put on clothes to gain valuable information for your business.    

4.  Ask for feedback.  Don't be afraid of critique. I know it sucks and it's extremely hard to hear, however, you can take that feedback, value it, explore how you can improve and walk with all the confidence in the world.  Because you took the initiative to find the weak points that may not be evident to you, God will honor it if you put in that work to grow.  This is something that most of us shrink back from, but it's so needed. 

5. Going through growing pains as an entrepreneur.  When we first start out in an industry as an entrepreneur, we sometimes go in naive, not jaded by anything, and ready to work with the notion that there will be no crazy bumps in the road.  The truth is, that's just not how it works out.  We may have seen others doing what we want to do and see all the good and glorious rewards they receive, not knowing all of the things they went through to get there.  Starting your own business is far from glorious and there is always some major blockage that will come up.  That can look like a lot of different things.  People, a project you shouldn't have taken on, unforeseen circumstances, whatever.  These things may trip you for just a moment, but you have to get back up, learn from that blockage, and keep it moving.  This is GUARANTEED to make you grow in your confidence because you can look back and say, if I survived that, I can survive anything!

So if you struggle with fear that debilitates you and keeps you from doing what you have a passion to do because that fear has caused your confidence level to be on zero, please know there is hope for you.  You just have to put in the work to overcome fear and/or push through it.  Let me know if this is something you struggle with and if this post is helpful.  I'm rooting for you!