Where Have I Been?

  It's crazy to see that the last time I wrote a blog post was the same day I launched my blog nearly 10 months ago.  That was also the same day I found out I was pregnant.  I remember feeling very nervous at the beginning of that day because I knew my blog would launch and people would see the content that I'd had in my head for so long.  I was worried people would think it was wack and that I'd get no views!!  To my pleasant surprise, many of you gave me so much positive feedback and it felt so good!  I felt so good that I thought to myself, let me just take a pregnancy test real quick so I can know how to plan the rest of this year out, because I had so many plans already stacked up in my mind, I knew I needed to make sure all would go as planned.  I say that because a few days prior, I had been feeling really nauseous and it hit me like 2 hours after, that I felt pregnant nauseous.  Then I blew it off because I thought, nah!!!!  I can't be.  I mean I could be, but nah!!!  So I went to the dollar store really quickly to grab a test and I walked back home.  I felt so nonchalant about it all because I just didn't believe that I was pregnant. Lo and behold, I take it and it's positive.

   I immediately cry and laugh at the same time!!!  I was so taken a back and really didn't know how to feel at first.  My future flashed before me, but a future that I knew would not be, also flashed before me.  All of my pregnancies are literally horrible.  I always have the worst all day morning sickness and I'm stuck in the bed for most of the time.  As much as I thought this pregnancy may just be different, I still had that gut feeling that it wouldn't.  I was feeling good for the next 2 weeks.  I was working out, eating anything I wanted, I had high hopes, but then my birthday came.  That was the beginning of the sickness.  I had already been feeling a little nauseous here and there, but it wasn't unbearable....until that day.  I couldn't even enjoy my birthday.  My friends cooked for me and threw a small party, that no one showed up to by the way, and all I could think of doing was laying down.  I really didn't care that no one else showed up because of how I was feeling.  I had been craving spaghetti so my girls made it and I couldn't even eat any of it!  My hubby took me to a spa and I was just nauseous the entire time.  After that day, it moved from nausea to throwing everything up.  I literally couldn't eat anything for months!!!


 To make a long story short, I ended up eating only Popeye's for about 2 months straight because that was the only thing my body wanted and the only thing that would stay down.  Bad business!  Y'all know I don't eat that mess.  Fast forward, I end up with Gestational Diabetes and Preeclampsia.  I had to be induced, but because my baby was transverse, I had to get a c-section, my first one at that.  It was such an emotional ride the entire pregnancy, but I must say it was all worth it!  


  So now you all know what happened to me these last 9 months.  I had no desire to do much of anything, but survive, so blogging was completely off the table.  But I'm back!!  I will be doing more vlogging as well, so stay tuned for that.  I have too much personality to be typing stories like this!