Listen to My Epic Fail Podcast

 For the last 2 years, I've been wanting to start a podcast, but so many things kept happening.  My first attempt was with my two good friends who are more like my brothers, but that didn't work out.  Epic fail.  We even recorded at least 3 shows, but, it was all in vain.  On my second attempt, I thought I'd be able to have a nice setup with a studio for free, but it turned out to be a huge misunderstanding, so there's another major fail.  In my third and final attempt, I didn't even need to overthink it. I didn't need a studio or a mic or any of that.  The app, Anchor, changed my podcast life!  Shout out to Grow the Heck Up, an online platform that deems itself, Worldstar Hip-hop for smart people. They talk about Race, Religion, Music, Culture, Health, Politics, Hip-hop & The Bible.  They put me on to Anchor and I was immediately all over it.  

  I had the idea to do a podcast that would interview influencers in the culture and talk to them about their failures and how they came back from them.  I wanted to talk about this particular topic because I've made many failures and mistakes myself and fought my way through those mistakes with a vengeance.  I wanted to encourage other creatives and entrepreneurs with these types of stories so they can have hope.  I want them to aspire to keep going even when things look real crazy.  My goal has always been to educate and inspire others with information that I wish I had known, whether it's in life or business.  

   You can listen to My Epic Fail every Tuesday, starting September 12, 2017, on, Google Play or on iTunes.