Vote for My Panel at SXSW

I recently submitted a panel to #SXSW called The Art of Self-Care and Productivity for Creatives with myself, YouTuber, Aileen Xu (Lavendaire) and photographer, Temi Coker.  I wanted to submit a panel that would be helpful and possibly change how creatives go about doing life.  Many of us creatives struggle to master these very important things and my heart is to not only discuss the importance of mastering each, but also offering practical ways on how to have rest among our busy schedules and how to be consistent and productive in all that we do.  These two topics tend to not be popular topics in the creative community and at times are taken over by encouraging no sleep, hustle and grind, I'll sleep when Im dead, and other cliches that hint at not getting proper rest.  This topic is so important because there are many people who are depressed, unhealthy mentally and physically because they don't take the time to plan their lives and sleep/rest when needed.  Because of the importance of this topic, we really need your help with getting this information out.  Please click on the link and vote for us to have our panel picked now!