How To Get Your Productivity Poppin': Free Email Course

For many years, I have gotten by doing the bare minimum. In school I would make the Honor Roll each and every time, but I never had to study, nor did I feel like I had to put a lot of effort toward attaining good grades. It was pretty natural to say the least. However, college hit and I didn’t know what to do. I could hear people, specifically my father, telling me I would need to study in college. I would actually have to put in work. To me, that just meant be more intentional about the work that you do. No one ever showed me HOW to study. I was really great at memorizing information, but I rarely spent time reading textbooks to learn or ingest what I was reading. I didn’t really know how to do that. My first year of college was a major fail!

15 years later, I realized I didn’t know how to create a process for the work that I was doing. I knew how to create outlines and lists and execute somewhat of a plan, but when it came to actually having a specific process, that never existed in my world. I guess you can say I had a process, but it was a mess.  No formal organization was set in place, therefore, I would either get it done at the last minute, it just wouldn’t get done, or it wouldn’t be executed well. I would set many goals for myself, like losing weight, saving money, and getting a particular project done for clients or for my business. These were all very attainable, but trying to get the best results and stay consistent with these goals had been something I just could not do very well. Finally, I decided to do something about my non-existent processes and I started to research. While researching I came across quite a few people who would coach and encourage me from afar and over the interwebs.  Mattie James, Gary Vaynerchuck, Maya Elious, Regina Anaejionu, and Emmelie De La Cruz have all contributed to my productivity, consistency, pushing through my fear and doing it anyway!  Get your life and look them all up!

Anyway, I have really been putting what I have learned to practice and I’m seeing RESULTS!!!!! Like real results!!

In 2007, I started my first business, and it failed miserably. I didn't have the proper tools I needed to sustain a profitable business, but the one thing I value most about that situation is that I started, regardless of what I did and didn't have. However, it did contribute to my hesitance to future business ideas because I still didn't have all the tools I needed.

I know that many other creatives are going through this and need help with getting started, staying consistent, and developing a system and process for their workflow.  Because of this, I created a FREE, yes I said FREE, email course to help you get your productivity poppin'!

If you made it to this blog post, you may be saying to yourself the following statements:

  • I have a great business idea that I believe will work, but I am too afraid to start. 

  • I have no clue on where to start.

  • I need help with planning for the direction of my business.

  • I have a lack of discipline when it comes to being focused.

  • I don't know how to create a workflow so that I can be more focused on the essentials. 

If you've said any of these things, please know that you are not alone. These are the very things I said to myself after my first business failed and as I was working on my second business. There is hope and I'd like to offer some very helpful tips and strategies to consider as you move forward in your entrepreneurial journey. if you stay the course, you will succeed and get out of feeling stuck like I did.

Let's address the things you may be saying to yourself and consider the solutions I will be giving in this email course in order for you to be productive in your life & workflow.

Problem #1- I have a business idea and I believe it will work, but I'm too afraid to start

Being afraid is natural and normal. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this feeling. The key is not allowing this feeling to keep you paralyzed. Being paralyzed keeps you from pursuing the tools you need to becoming a profitable and successful business owner.  I will offer 5 strategies on how to start.

Problem #2- I have no clue on where to start

If you are here, then you have come to the right place. Whether it’s creating a system for your life or your business, you can take this information and apply it to both.  I never had anyone to teach me how to run a business when I started out. I was so turned off by anything business that I just didn't have the interest to seek out help and I figured if I wing it, I could possibly get by. WRONG! Because I didn't have the guidance, I have such a strong desire to help others who are in the same place I was in, almost 11 years ago. This e-course will help you get started and push you to action.

Problem #3-I need help with planning for the direction of my business.

Many factors go into establishing a business.  Of course you need to understand what problem you want to solve and what your business will offer to solve it.  I will discuss and offer the keys you need to figure this out as well as what you will need to build your brand.

Problem #4-I have a lack of discipline when it comes to being focused

This has been the story of my life.  It is not natural for me or many people in 2018, to stay focused or be disciplined in the areas that need it most in order to be productive.  I will offer some realistic steps and actions that you have to implement if you want to become more disciplined for productivity.

Problem #5- I don't know how to create a workflow so that I can be more focused on the essentials.

There are so many resources out there that offer a clear way to solidify a system for your life and workflow.  This has been the key to my productivity.  As I stated before, I didn’t have the knowledge I needed to understand that it was imperative for me to have a systemized flow in order for productivity to happen.  My system was 'fly by the seat of your pants' with a dash of do-whatever-feels-good-to-do.  Smh.  That was not going to help or benefit me or get ANYTHING poppin! I’ll give an exclusive offer here to help jump start your productivity.

Once again, if you’re looking to create a system to your workflow that you can also apply to your life, click here and sign up for FREE access on to How to Get Your Productivity Poppin’.