How to Start: Being a Creative with a Business

I recently did a YouTube video on how to get started as a creative because I find that many of us creatives struggle so much to start the thing we have been dreaming to do.  I think this is the hardest thing about being creative and full of ideas.  We are afraid, uneducated on some things, lazy, too concerned about what others will think, and many times too concerned about what others are actually doing.  We keep ourselves from starting before we even try to start!  It's a sad thing to see and it absolutely feels defeating.  I am super passionate about helping others flesh out their vision and succeed with it.  I know that's why I decided to manage artists and help them focus on their art so they can be the best artists they could be without worrying about logistics and business transactions.  This video, while the lighting is TRASH, had to be done for my fellow creatives who have the aforementioned struggles.  I want to not only inspire and motivate, but help you change your mindset about how you do business and life.  You can't go around with the mindset of defeat before you've attempted the fight.  I just can't let you do it!  

So, I give 4 points that will help you get started and change your mindset on how to start.  Originally, I had 5, but forgot the last one!  Watch below and let me know if it's helpful.